"Silent Sentinal"
This rock is somewhere midway between Mt Barker and Big Hill on the top of a ridge. Facing away from DjaDja Wurrung country.

'Sacred Stone' at North Harcourt.

'Sacred Stone' at North Harcourt. (side view)

The round stone sits on a flat rock.

A nearby spring.

Between the round stone and a small cave, which are 2 or 3 hundred metres apart. It reminds me of those drawings we did when we were kids and wrote under them "foo was here". Could be quite scarey at night if fires were lit in the 'eyes'. Maybe it was to say to the men don't go past this point, it's women's business, and in the other direction, for the women, it's men's business. Or for the kids, don't go up the hill past this point, because we'll loose sight of you.

The cave. Or rather, a small rock shelter. Maybe a birthing cave.(?)

Marker stone? North of Harcourt, but south-east of the round stone. Maybe a kilometre away.

Wombat stone on Mt Barker. Again, a large stone on a flat rock. On the other side of this stone about a foot away there is a small round stone, about 12" diameter. Mother and baby?

Owl rock, also on Mt Barker. Not far up the hill from the head of the snake.

Top of Mt Barker. A hawk's head.

The rock containing the quartz, near ceremonial hill. Looks like a diprotodon to me. Or another wombat.

The head.

(With pocket digicam. Gives a fuller view) Note the quartz in the rock, lower right of image.

Pen drawings