The Story of Sinuhe

Transcription - part 1

The transcription uses the two principal sources (Berlin 3022 for the bulk of the text, and Berlin 10499, for the first 6 sections below, missing in 3022). Where necessary, Berlin 10499 has been followed in preference to Berlin 3022, as this frequently proves a better source (these portions are highlighted when necessary, and the line numbers given the standard prefix 'R' ). Only on one occurrence has the Ashmolean Ostracon been used as source, this being when neither B10499 nor B3022 were present.

The section divisions have been introduced here for convenience, based on those of Stephen Quirke (see "Digital Egypt for Universities") Sinuhe pages for the 'University College London'. After each section number are given the corresponding line-numbers in Berlin 10499 for the start, and Berlin 3022 from the point it is preserved.

Black: part of the text written in black.
Red: part of the text written in red.
Hieroglyphics in indicates restored, but not in original.
Hieroglyphics in indicates damage in original.

[ Sections 1-10 (Sinuhe runs away) ]
(Sinuhe survives, and his hymn to Pharaoh)

1 (Berlin 10499, lines 1-2)

2 (Berlin 10499, lines 2-5)

3 (Berlin 10499, lines 5-11)

4 (Berlin 10499, lines 11-16)

5 (Berlin 10499, lines 17-22)

6 (Berlin 10499, lines 22-25, second half corresponding to Berlin 3022, 1-2)

7 (Berlin 3022, 2-7)

8 (Berlin 3022, 8-11)

9 (Berlin 3022, 11-20)

10 (Berlin 3022, 20-24)

(Sinuhe survives, and his hymn to Pharaoh)

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