Jenny Carrington

Professional Practice

Born in Bendigo, 1950.
1972…Graduated from Bendigo Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Art and Design (Painting). [ Now La Trobe University Bendigo ] Emphasis on colour theory and technical excellence.
1972-74…Opened the Russell Street Gallery, Bendigo to supply artist’s materials and provide a much needed place where local artists could exhibit their work.
1972-2003…Practicing Artist. Working mainly with oils on canvas, paint is applied in a single layer, with occasional overpainting of details, and often using linear gradations of colour which blend optically.
1975-77…Lived in the forest, in the SW of West Australia and in central Victoria, to study and draw nature’s forms.
1978…Painted a mural at Peppergreen Farm Herb Nursery.
1985-86…Printed a series of woodcuts of Classical Greek themes.
1988…Conducted Woodcut Workshop at the Women’s Festival, Old Fire Station Arts Co-Op.
1988…Conducted weekly Life Drawing classes at the Old Fire Station Arts Co-Op.
1988…Began the study of Egyptian hieroglyphs, for it's application to painting.
1988-94…Produced the series of 12 oil paintings titled “Gods of Ancient Egypt.”
1994-95…Mathematical drawings.
1995…More life drawing, Bendigo Art Society.
1996…"Doodle drawings" (taking the pen for a walk) – pen and ink.
1997…Compiled extracts from 25 years of journals in a manuscript titled “Journey of the Soul Through the Life of an Artist.”
1998-2003…Set up and currently maintaining website of art work.
2000- (still in progress)…Painting on papyrus scroll (47 x 457 cm). "Together for Eternity."
2001- Stone carving – in relief.
2002…"Patterns in the Landscape" – a series of 28 pen drawings.
2003…"A drawing a day" – pencil drawings over two months, of my immediate environment.
2003…Guest speaker at TAFE Art and Design.
2003…"Parallel Universe" painting explores the parallel theme on several levels; technical, philosophical, political, metaphysical, cultural. The majority of the canvas is painted with 1cm wide parallel bands of tonal gradation.
2003…Still on the journey.


1970…Alyce’s Resturant Coffee House, Bendigo, opening exhibition.
1971…Bendigo Art Gallery Prize for tertiary students. Awarded second prize for painting.
1971…Bendigo Institute of Technology Diploma Exhibition, Bendigo Art Gallery.
1972-73…Russell Street Gallery, Bendigo.
1973…Wimmera Art Competition, Horsham Art Gallery. One of 20 finalists.
1973-77…Bendigo Artists Exhibit. Memorial Hall.
1975…Women Artists Exhibition, International Women’s Year, Bendigo Art Gallery.
1981…Fine Arts Gallery, Honeysuckle St., Bendigo.
1985…Bendigo Art Collective, Xmas Show.
1987…Art Space, Bendigo. “Mixed Visions.”
1987…Two person show, with Jeffery Murrell, Old Fire Station Arts Co-op, Bendigo.
1988…Women’s Festival, Old Fire Station Arts Co-op.
1988…Art Space, Bendigo, Easter Exhibition.
1989…Art space, Bendigo. “Print and Drawing Show.”
1991…Art Space, Bendigo. “The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth.”
1995…Dr. Backhaus Art Exhibition, Town Hall, Bendigo.
1996-2003 (continuous)..The Egyptian Room, Ristorante Bazzani, Bendigo. (Solo exhibit)
1998…Nucleus to Diversity, former student art exhibition,  Latrobe University Bendigo, 125th Anniversary  celebrations.
1998…Christmas in July, Geoff Sayer Fine Picture Framing  and Gallery, Bendigo.
1999…Celebration of Sight, Geoff Sayer Fine Picture Framing  and Gallery, Bendigo.
2000…Bendigo Arts Alliance, Old Fire Station.


1970…Bendigo Institute of Technology Calendar - 12 Monoprints signed “Jenny Phillips”.
1985…Ten Studies from the Ancients - Limited edition book of woodcut prints (250 copies).
1988…Cover illustration for the Old Fire Station Arts Co-Op Journal, Arts on Fire, Vol.2, No.4. (Woodcut- "Self-Portrait").
1991…Cover illustration for the Australian Nurses Journal, Vol. 20, No. 7. (Oil painting- "Mushroom Country" 1974).
1998…"Gods of Ancient Egypt" – illustrated catalogue, privately printed.
2001…Interview in "Ahwal Massrejja" ("Egyptian Affairs"), - a journal published in Cairo, Egypt.
2001…July 21st. Bendigo Advertiser article, "Ancient Art".
1998-2003…Website – "Artworks by Jenny Carrington".


200+ oil paintings in private collections in Australia and the U.S.A.
Included in Women's Art Register Slide Catalogue. Carringbush Regional Library, Richmond, Vic. Australia.