Australian artist whose works include oil paintings and pen drawings of the Australian landscape, paintings and drawings of Ancient Egyptian themes, handmade books, relief printing, and relief carvings in stone.

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Egyptian Paintings

The Story of Sinuhe
Hieroglyphic transcription and text-source pages by J. J. Hirst,
with transliteration and translation (courtesy of University College London).

The Dispute between a Man and his Ba
Hieroglyphic text of the Middle Kingdom dialogue between a man and his soul on whether or not life is worth living.

The Tomb of Sennefer
Images from the walls of Sennefer's tomb painted on papyrus,
including the hieroglyphs. With transliteration and translation.

Hieroglyphic text in the Tomb of Sennefer. Typeset version.

Gallery 1
A retrospective collection of landscapes, etc, from 1972-1988

Gallery 2
Oil Paintings from 1994-2000

Drawings from a sketchbook
Daily drawings - February to April 2003

Oil Painting
Parallel Universe - 2003

Digital images
based on original drawings, photographs, etc. - 2003-2004.

Pen Drawings in Concertina Book format.

Long Walk
One Tree Hill Path

Following the 'bird's eye view of the path' theme:

Relief Prints

Pen Drawings
Drawings of the Australian bush.

Sun Drawings
Pencil Drawings from 1973.

Black and White Photos
Landscapes and people.

Sunrise Photos

Photos of Sun Halos

Black and White Woodcuts
Images from Greek Vase Paintings

The Artist
Background information, list of exhibitions, etc.

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